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It is now a traditional event, Mons becomes the capital of love-film once a year around Valentine day, and this is running since 22 years.

The Dragon gallery has a personal way of participating to the festival with an artistic show of fourteen artists.

Their family name shows a large map of European languages, a kind or European Union without borders.

I see among them Jean-Pierre Delvaux who was once a surrealist painter, then a writer and is now hesitating between eroticism and provocation in perfect harmony with Chantal Baligand.

Patrick de Schaetzen de Schaetzenhoff is a sculptor with non-conventional rules and his creations are totally out of the line, it looks like Richard Deacon married to Bill Woodrow.

Giuseppe Giudice is a marble sculptor (he sometimes works in wood too) but the classical lines he follows some time are going out of the track to become more fantasy sculpture.

Lieve Ophavels follows the tradition of colour in painting and Iska Rogozinska, painter and ceramist, is more attentive to human being.

une oeuvre de
Nicole Meunier

Nicole Meunier who always pretended to be a naïve painter is investigating into dreams and myths and they are more…all of them to be seen.

You will also re-discover three pieces from Bellor who always elected the woman as the queen of his art, in painting or drawing and this is never an ordinary story.

The visitor can be aware of some troubled situation when looking at these works that were not exhibited so often.

This is an important show with, to my opinion, too many different personalities but, anyway, the occasion to discover something new.


La Galerie du Dragon,
rue d’Enghien 43,
7000 Mons
065 84 62 99

From Jan 28 to Feb 18, 2006
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 2 to 6 pm
Friday from 11 am to 6 pm

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