Rogette Jonckiere

Rogette Jonckiere

I discovered her works ten years ago and I was never disappointed in her.

She works on the canvas with a perfect experience of the colours, all the possibilities and developments they offer and she perfectly knows at the starting point the result she wants to reach.

Speaking about picture is speaking about figurative art; this is not exactly the point.

Suggested actions appear as a background suggesting the right gesture, the exact meaning of the story contained in the canvas.

One can understand immediately this is a daily story, a representation of the ordinary life.

Teacher in plastic arts, she has a very sharp technique and easily dominates the guidelines of her works.

Born in Poperinge in 1946 she started her professional exhibiting in 1990 and was immediately noted by art critics and art lovers.

Canvas composed of painting layers, often scratched and re-painted, papers with lights layers; everything suggests a quick, very quick way of painting.

This is not true at all as the final result is slowly prepared and when the canvas comes out it is perfect at once.

Host of honour of the Biennial meeting of Brussels Art (Janus) in 2002 she was largely appreciated due to the strong impression left by her works.

In front of her canvas one can notice a true rage of living, something coming out of the olden times, out of the historical and geographical context around her, around the Flemish people fighting every day against the sea and the various alias of history.

Year after year, Rogette Jonckiere imposes her works, more and more at each exhibition.

Never forget her name and never miss one of her exhibitions.


Galerie ‘tWeefhuis,

Lucas van Hauthemlaan 1,

5641 CJ Nuenen(NL)

From March 21 to May 14
Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 1 to 6 pm.

"een wil,
een wens,
een weg"

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