Wilchar 1910 – 2005

Wilchar 1910 – 2005

He was born in Saint-Gilles and his name was Wilhem Joseph Pauwels.

He was a true posters creator, political posters and this kind of creation is not abundant at all here.

He was also a publicity creator and the top French one at the time, Paul Colin, said he was a great one.

« The Chambre syndicale de la publicité française » organised a reception for Wilchar in Paris in 1946.

But never forget he started in 1936 claiming against the Belgian political line of non-acceptance of refugees, they were German people against fascism at the time, later on they were Jews.

Wilchar also worked for election campaigns as well as posters regarding a movement for peace.

In 1943, he was in the move of the group Contact, this dated from before the war but in 1943 the group was composed of intellectuals and artists against the occupying forces.

Wilchar was deported to the famous Breendonk concentration camp, an experience he never forgot.

After the war he came back to his brushes and painted huge canvas but never forgot the popular picture.

He studied it and came back to the lino stamping press Numerous pictures came out, some of them were rather pleasant, others moresensible in the best signification of the term.

A few years later he created a small paper “The impertinent” which title was perfectly adapted to the publication.

He exhibited more times in Saint-Gilles in the City Hall and the Parvis gallery but also in Brussels Centre and Liege.

His works are now entering he Royal Army Museum, given by his daughter who wants to keep his memory alive.

This is to remember a non-conformist artist, a kind-hearted artist, a true popular painter and drawer for whom the best word was “peace”.

Musée Royal de l’armée,
Parc du Cinquantenaire 3,
1000 Brussels

From 16 March to end August 2006
from Tuesday to Sunday
from 9 am to noon and from 1 pm to 4:30 pm.

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