Victoria Calleja

Victoria Calleja

Now, in 2006, the artist is going up to a tranquil situation and shows her emotions through the transparency of water coloured drawings, they are the base of ghostly but rather present characters.

Born in Chile in 1958, she graduated in plastic arts at the University of Santiago but decided in 1984 to live on the old continent.

She soon became a laureate in the wall painting section of the Royal Art School of Brussels ad followed the complete training of engraving in the famous La Cambre School in Brussels.

Now a teacher herself she tries to transmit her artistic feelings and authenticity to her pupils.

In the year 1992 she was expressing herself through the pastel technique representing objects in a fantasy like presentation.

Since years and years she is in search of the exact connection between the human being and his destiny to cancel the ambiguous barriers classifying the men.

She continues this research in a series of water coloured elegant drawings. As to go further into this logic she decided to add sculpture to her world.

The “heads” she presents have no social status, no sex and no ethnic characteristics they represent human beings in a universal identity.

Any of these have some correspondence with the new technologies; they are computerised but still are at the top of humanity just like the various portraits in the drawings.

Here, the visitor can think about the future of the human race, it looks like something between Bacon and Hockney, between cruelty and elitism in enjoyment.

Anyway, forget all comparison this is the true strike force demonstration of Victoria Calleja.


Galerie Libre Cours,
rue de Stassart 100,
1050 Brussels
phone 0473 590 285

March 23 to Apr 23, 2006
Thursday to Saturday
2: 30 to 6: 30 pm

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