Christophe Carlier

He is a true new in comer.

In fact, he started five years ago but in small galleries or public centres.

Christophe Carlier (°1978) was trained in the Art School of Tournai in the atelier of Christian Rolet and immediately was awarded by the prize of the city of Tournai that was a nice first step.

His vision of the landscape suddenly became a kind of investigation of what is behind what we see of the forest, what is the secret of some famous places and has given birth to tales, legends and myths.

The vegetal life cycle also inspired him and the fact that vegetal organisation led people to architecture or construction as in the cathedrals.

The vertical grow was also something to think about.

Steles and standing stones help him to penetrate the past, a world that disappeared but is still present.

He started then to tell us a saga of humanity and help the visitor to penetrate a parallel universe, a secret country only open to poets and artists, philosophers and dreamers.

Prof. Eddy Devolder writes that his capacity to re-visit the past helps to put back antecedence in full light.

It is, to my opinion, a way to wisdom Christophe Carlier shows us. You have to visit his exhibition as soon as possible.


Galerie 2016,
rue des Pierres 16,
1000 Brussels

from June 8 to July 16,2006
Thursday to Sunday from 1 to 6:30 pm

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