Just Before

In the nice space of the Cap d’Art gallery, next to the lake of Genval, we are back to meet an old fellow.

John Bulteel (°1945) was a few years ago a true champion of pastel but he then changed to sculpture.

He represents people standing; they are tall and slender.

This may lead to thing about Egyptian art because they are made of small bits of plaster on a wire net but there are also some references to the traditional Flemish art or fantastic world (Centaur).

Sometimes animals are close to them.

This particular sculpture seems to come across the gallery to meet the visitor, just like a friend you meet in the street.

Next to him is SaM (° 1953), a Belgian painter who changed from abstract geometrical art to lyrical art.

He presents forms in a strong movement in which you can sometimes recognise bits of reality. An image of turmoil, close to life.


Galerie Cap d’Art,
avenue du Lac 113,
1332 Genval
phone 02 654 10 00

from May 13 to July 9, 2006
Thursday to Sunday from 2 to 6 pm

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