Claudio Parmiggiani

He has a true original talent and is known like a major artist but he is also a poet.

The notes he writes down when at work are a kind of resume of philosophy in life, texts to meditate.

From the previous exhibition one can keep the record of boats looking like drunken people, installation too and an important series of works in black.

The recent creations are no paintings nor sketches but true “third vision” of objects in the space.

Here are the shadows of things like projection of their reality, the place left by their volume in a room completely smoky.

The shadow of a violin is perhaps the exact translation of the mysterious sounds it contains and that the musician reveals.

Without exact image of the physical appearance, the violin actually becomes the soul of the gipsy musician as in the funeral tradition of the gipsy people.

Other presences take place in his artistic quest as the big wall he recently erected in the Brigittines Chapel and was made of books to be burned, destroyed.

Books nobody will read and whose words are secret forever.

So is Claudio Parmiggiani from an object on the wall to an installation in a huge room.

He wants to explain the records of human destiny and hope for to-morrow at the same time.

His exhibition is an important moment in the story of contemporary art, an art still going on and on.


Galerie Pascal Retelet,
rue de la Longue Haie 4,
1000 Brussels

from May 6 to June 30,2006
Wednesday to Saturday
from 10:30 am to 1 pm and from 2 to 7 pm

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