Dolores Morcillo

She is a photographer and besides the photographs she made some videos, why not films ?

She likes to catch the details in a picture and enjoys a kind of pinpoint view of everything.

Her main subject is flowers; she sees them like human subjects, playing, dancing, and making love.

Some tulips in a strong wind represent tenacity and unidentified petals are closed as to protect some secret.

The artist world (she is born in Spain in 1953) is full of sun and light and built on records as well as things she have seen during long travels.

She is like in a prison of colour and there is no space left to penetrate the picture, so the visitor can imagine and doing so will be convinced that the picture is his.

The flower can express drama or fantastic situation (like in Magritte’s world) but it can be sensual as in the watercolour paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe.

Dolores Morcillo has only one common point with the American artist; it is the photographic vision of things.

Her domain is purely Mediterranean and everything is going in that sense in-between the bright flowers and the dark atmosphere around.

Tulips are staying right, like life guards always still but ready to act. They represent the mystic and sensual part of what is the base of Flemish art.

Wherever she goes, Dolores Morcillo compares her vision of the world with other ones.

Some portraits of ladies are now coming out but I really prefer flowers story.

It is not necessary to be at the top of art critic to feel all the distress of emigrated people, just a flower can tell it.


Galerie Alfican,
Grand Sablon 2,
1000 Brussels
phone 0475 622 333

from June 2 to 20, 2006
every day from 11am to 7 pm

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