Franca Ravet on the move

Not the first time this rising star of the artistic sky is changing pole.

She already was to be seen in France, Portugal en Holland.

Following some exhibitions in Brussels she is now in Luxemburg, in the centre of the city and in a well-known gallery.

No question of identity searches anymore, no more analysis of the past versus the present but paintings that suddenly became serene.

The various volumes are greater, the faces appear more largely and the written spaces look more and more like in a comic strip with some questions about life and more questions about destiny.

She paints on paper, cardboard, wood or canvas with re-mounted material or not.

There is no temptation to seduce visitors because the palette is grey, white, dark red; brown or ochre are like counterpoint in music or rhythm beating.

The general mood is closer to the rap songs asking for questions and solutions.

Considering this, Franca Ravet is joining the base line of Cobra, the line that guided the group.

Note that this strong move in art evolution was short (1948-1951) and was copied too many times.

As regards the comparison with Joseph Beuys it is rather doubtful considering the dramatic origin of Beuys’ inspiration and artistic development.

No need of references changing at every season, Franca Ravet is and still will be a true artist, completely sincere in her way of expression.

She is sometimes doubtful regarding her and that is normal because she is a true artist and creator.

She is in the right place in the 21st century as a woman and an artist.


Galerie Schortgen,
rue Beaumont 21
L 1219 Luxemburg

from May 24 to June 20, 2006
Tuesday to Saturday
from 10:30 to 12:30 am and from 1:30 to 6 pm

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