Noémie (Van Bever) & André Fricx

Her signature is simply Noémie, born in Brussels in 1944.

She presents a full series of pastel works generally wild, with plenty of flowers.

She was trained in the St Mary school of Art in Saint Gilles; she had some important masters in art and then started to work with architects about colour and colour harmony in the sphere of construction.

She then left to live in the Island of Palma around the years 80 and disappeared from Brussels rails.

She is back with the record of another light that she now proposes to this low country that generally beg for sun.

The occasion to see her recent works joyfully coloured and full of sweetness does not occur every day.

André Fricx (1928) face to face with Noémie exhibits sculptures made of lead, stain or silver, just white metals. He prefers these to the more golden bronze.

He was long time ago a pupil of Moeschal but this is not evident because he is now more sculpture oriented to Moore and Zadkine because he is correcting and modifying appearance of men.

When he investigates into abstract sculpture he is still telling about man when he suggests attitudes and situations.

Too much involved into cultural animation and after he received awards and prizes, he is still nearly unknown.

André Fricx is a discreet artist and the big show of 1995 in the Sablon Garden and Borgendael gallery did not change anything.

A small number of art lovers had the opportunity to see him recently. He just creates… without noise !


La Petite Galerie,
rue de Livourne 1a,
1060 Brussels
Phone 02 537 67 50

from May 31 to June 25
from Tuesday to Saturday from 2:30 to 6:30 pm
Sunday from 11am to 1 pm

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