A Museum on trip

A Museum on trip

NU assis à la chemise

The Modern Art Museum of Lille closed its door at the end of January 2006 to allow important works in the building including maintenance and enlargement of exhibition halls.

This will take about two years but in the meantime the art works are not in a shelter, not at all. The art collection travels far away and will be exhibited in six Japanese museums (at the moment in Bunkamura Museum in Tokyo).

In Villeneuve d’Ascq, te museum is based on the collection given by Jean and Genevieve Mazurel in 1979 and 1980 but this collection was initiated by Roger Dutilleul, Jean Mazurel’s uncle who was the first French collector to buy at the famous Kahnweiler gallery in Paris.

The exhibitions in the program for Japan are in various sequences as the portraits from Modigliani – Picasso and the cubist movement - Montmartre, Montparnasse and the School of Paris – Miro and the surrealists – Bernard Buffet, Utrillo and naïve painting and also various artists from the North of France to whom the generosity of the Mazurel couple allowed to get free of any money sorrow and live for art only.

After re-building the new museum will allow to discover the Mazutrel collection in better conditions, to (re) visit the contemporary art section as well as the famous collection of L’Aracine, art without margins most important treasure in France. When back from Japan, the precious paintings of Villeneuve d’Ascq will stop in Grand Hornu in October 2007 before going back home.

I appreciate the idea of this exhibition on the move at the opposite of the world instead of a stay in some dark shelter. In the meantime a small part of art without margins collection, the works of Jules Leclercq, is presented in Lille Catholic University till December 16.


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personnel à l'attention d'Anita Lardon Je vous remercie pour votre agréable critique et espère avoir le plaisir de vous voir ce soi au vernissage chez DS galerie.

Écrit par : damien moreau | 08/09/2006

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