Art cycling (and revolution riding)

Art cycling (and revolution riding)

Chantal Coppieters
la Solitude du Champion

It was the title of a book written by Belgian sculptor and painter Pol Bury, it may be the one of an exhibition held in Tours (France) to celebrate 100 years of the cycling race Paris-Tours.

Three artists are along the rails: Erwin Debie, Michel Chemin who is a familiar artist of Gallery Lignier in Hardelot and Chantal Coppieters ‘t Wallant, an art teacher in the Art School of Saint-Gilles (Brussels).

She is well known as regards the Formula 1 racing as she is fully involved in representation of the fast running cars since more years now.Paintings, drawings and water colour works are here on show with a particular one, a painting that represent Bernard Hinault and is one of the best to my opinion; In any of the technical means she uses, Chantal Coppieters uses strong and pure colours but also expresses the movement.

Her canvases take the spectator to record a moment of the past, a particular happy one.

She imagines, and that is rather pleasant, a “samba of the spokes” This is to remind the olden days when a race passing by was a true feast day for everybody.

Some will remember when the first Paris-Brussels race passed by after the war it was the sign that peace was back… at last


City Hall of Tours (Indre-et-Loire) from sep 16 to oct 8, 2006.
The event includes the arrival of the race Paris-Tours on October 8.

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