Human beings getting dizzy between Hélène Dubois and Damien Moreau

Human beings getting dizzy between Hélène Dubois and Damien Moreau

Damien Moreau
pierre de Soignies

The DS gallery is not exactly in the middle of the town, not on the favourite way followed by art lovers but there is some compensation due to the choices made along the years.

A sister-gallery exists in Vence (France), the Galerie B that Sylvie Derumier also launched in 1997.

This lady was also the initiator of the “Tartar tracks” a kind of artists course that covers this part of Brussels.

In this gallery all young talents are welcome and preferably if they have sme relation with figurative art.

The season is opening with a young French artist : Hélène Dubois.

She refers to expressionism in her own way and re-organises the body structures mixing up the representation with allusion to energy and what the past left in memory and that modifies the human to help stepping into the future.

She occasionally met Jean Rustin on her road and that is quite logic if you consider the painting of this Moselle originated artist. Visitors have no excuse to miss Hélène Dubois’first exhibition in Belgium.

Damien Moreau is a sculptor presenting the human being in a rough and heavy stone carving as well as delicate little representations of same human figures.


Galerie DS,
rue de l’Hospice Communal 67,
1170 Brussels
phone 675 83 80

Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 11am to 7 pm

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