Mireille Bastin is no naive painter, she is just a painter

Mireille Bastin is no naive painter, she is just a painter

Mireille Bastin
"Armance danse"
huile sur toile 120 x 150

When I discovered her creations in 1981 she already held a golden book full of critics This should have had a bad influence on anybody, except on her.

Born during world war II at O o’clock she could not act as anyone. She adopted a style completely free from barriers.

Her inspiration disturbs, mainly right-thinking people.

It is not exactly the simple and naïve art it shows.

Colours are somewhere rather delicate, drawing is voluntarily clumsy and the kind of irony expressed in the pictures is often teasing at the visitor.

Working with pastel in the beginning she then modified to oil painting but never changed her personal colour choice of mauve and pink which are dangerous in painting.

Along the years she abandoned the teenager critic versus boarding schools for more theatre scenery including musicians playing on rather odd instruments not certifying a pleasant interpretation.

She then was inspired by married life of people around. She looked at couples from behind her easel. All these couples danced, had luncheons or long drinks in various canvas until the animal pairs came in to celebrate Valentine some years ago..

In the meantime Mireille left Belgium to live in Methamis (Vaucluse) but never stopped corresponding with her gallery and friends in Belgium.

Her exhibition opens the new artistic season and you are invited to participate to the various opportunities proposed in the canvas : luncheons or theatre show in a warm atmosphere you may not miss.


Galerie Albert Ier,
rue de la Madeleine 45,
100 Brussels
phone 02 512 19 44

From 7 to 26 sep 2006
Tuesday to Friday from 1 to 7 pm
Sunday from 11am to 1pm

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