Stephane Ebling, paintings without visual limits

Stephane Ebling, paintings without visual limits

Stéphane Ebling

When he was twenty, his paintings were already opening all boundaries and allowed the visitor all kind of questions, it was never fenced in since then and the landscapes now largely described by a nervous brushing became just large coloured spots.

Stephane Ebling (° 1952) is back with the same palette but nevertheless somewhere diverse.

He often used and developed the blue shades and separately investigated into non-limited figurative art, he celebrated the nature and dreamed into the gardens he crossed. Some years and more travels later he added movement to painting and the canvas became like a celebration of some short moment that went away and left no picture in a world going too fast, an impression that something happened but no way to keep an exact picture in mind.

Then it became something at the limit of violence; abstract art that left all the opportunity to imagine.

Nothing is easy to appreciate at first sight in Ebling’s painting because you have to go through the appearance of the canvas.

It is a realm of light and colour, love and celebration of the nature.
It is a strong and intense painting. If there are some animals they disappear under colour and movement. When the artist takes the visitor into a Japanese garden it is to show the limits of what people call a realistic vision.

In 1980, late Jacques Collard wrote about “largely open way of painting that allowed questions to come up”…in 2006, nothing has changed; the critic is still valid.


Galerie Alfican,
Grand Sablon 2,
1000 Brussels

From 2 to 29 sep, 2006
every day from 2 to 7 pm.

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