Women, Michel Soucy keeps an eye on them

Women, Michel Soucy keeps an eye on them

Michel Soucy

He was present already at Spring 2005 with flashing portraits, disturbing faces with true-life expression.

He comes back with a series devoted to women. He painted them but not just looking at them, he tried to go behind the appearance and to find out what is under the faces seen at fist look.

The first reaction of the visitor discovering these unknown women is to discover lonesome and completely isolated girls or ladies.
And this is absolutely normal if you know the artist was born in 1963, at the limit of the icy Labrador, in a mining city called Shefferville, in the middle of nowhere, and this is why the isolation is so present in the works.

Plastic artist and scenographer, he was a laureate of the St Martins College of Art and Design before he started to live in Brussels about five years ago.
He conducted researches on synthetic pictures and created storyboards and movie sets but never stopped considering the portrait as his own way in art.
He wrote: “horror contains some poetry” and I must admit that in front of the portraits I thought about Arnulf Rainer and sometimes about Francis Bacon but with a bit of tenderness these two do not have.

The women haunting Michel Soucy are lonely ones, left behind with no human company but still remembering some bits and pieces of a dream that helps them out of their situation. Behind this hard and nervous way of painting, the colour choice means a permanent presence of hope.


Galerie Libre Cours,
rue de Stassart 100,
1050 Brussels
tel 0473 590 285

From sep 9 to oct 9, 2006
Thursday to Saturday from 2 30 to 6 30 pm

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