Arto Pazat et Anne Liebhaber

Arto Pazat et Anne Liebhaber


The DS gallery is situated in a kind of village area, in the centre of Boitsfort, a part of Brussels but plays a nice part in the exhibition program, still keeping a figurative approach of painting.

Two artists are present this autumn, Arto Pazat and Ann Liebhaber.

He comes from Amiens in France (North), she is from the French speaking part of Brabant (B), he is a photographer and she is a ??? Let us say she is folding paper.

Arto Pazat, Prix de la découverte in the Festival of Arles 2004 is exploring the human body and does not hesitate to show the effects of disease and suffering, a body that received lots of shocks.

He is haunting the memory spaces he kept and reveals that a record is often far from reality. The general mood is often the dark fall hours and contains all his passion for jazz music which is also present in his interpretation of the rhythm of the pictures.

Anne Liebhaber followed sculpture and ceramic courses in Molenbeek and this generayed a special personal research about the plastic space and the sound space.

She also studied singing and followed some sessions of song studies and this inspired her to discover all the possibilities of a natural element too often neglected and to find a new space situation.

In these light and delicate structures she realised objects in an empty volume, something tin the middle of nothing just hanged by some light and tiny wires.

This is a king of non-material space ?

It is something out of the common figuration you have to discover soon.


Galerie DS,
rue de l’Hospice Communal 67,
1170 Brussels
phone 02 678 83 80

From Nov 17 to Dec 24, 2006
Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 11am to 7 pm

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