Carmen, Michel and painters from Andalusia

Carmen, Michel and painters from Andalusia

Capoen M 001

It will be a diversified November in the gallery as we have for at first Carmen Ostigosa (painter) and Michel Cappoen (sculptor) and in the second half, painters from Andalusia.

Carmen Ortigosa is present along the rails since 1979; she is particularly remarkable for the nudes in bright or deep colours but she also explores the Oriental painting influence and this is the subject she mainly presents here.

This is a true dream about sun and fun, travel and holidays in the middle of November. Michel Cappoen like the blue stone and explores the classical line as well as more abstract forms of an allusion to playtime.

Both of them are teachers in the atelier Las Meninas since 1995.

Any forms of art are welcome in this atelier where professional works means also friendly atmosphere.

They invited painters from Andalusia and these will surely be a total discovery for visitors and this will be in the second half of the month.

The visit is a must to see new works of the artists and also discover their atelier where archaeological drawing is part of the program and that is not usual.


Galerie Alfican,
place du Grand Sablon 2,
1000 Brussels

Nov 2 to 29, 2006
daily from 11 am to 6 pm

(Atelier Las Meninas,
rue Gray 122,
1050 Brussels
phone 02 644 22 42)

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