Denyse Willem

Denyse Willem

DENYSE WILLEM Tour de Babel, 2005, 180 x 220 cm

The world pf Denyse Willem is a purely feminine one, but it is not a sweet peace and love country.

The colours are light less flashy than in the past but the general picture of that special continent is not at all a lost paradise.

Interiors are over decorated and the girls living in there are no angels at all.

All the women, in that story have long and abundant hair and were dresses and tunics of another century, over embroidered and their presence is close to some tales (but not fairy ones) and we think about all the fantastic tales in old manors somewhere in England.

Naked girls chat together but no physical contact seems to exist between them.

It seems there is no place for men in the story and if you discover some, generally represented by animals (brows bears or grey wolves) are not exactly sympathetic bears of grey wolves).

Sometimes a child appear in the picture but it is apparently not the result of love and they seem to be there like slaves of the women and these last ones seem to order and ask for respect and total devotion.

This world is not far from the daily life with the power and all the attributes of domination.

Born in Blegny in 1943 (thus during the dark years of World War II), Denyse Willem studied in the Art School of Liege and then started to exhibit important galleries, international fairs and museums till an homage exhibition in 2004 in the Museum of Modern Art (Mamac) of Liege.

Recent work confirm the way she has chosen and it strictly personal and in no way in line with the present tendencies.

She has such a personal way of painting it would be regrettable to miss this exhibition.


Mineta Contemporary,
rue des Minimes 32
1000 Brussels
phone 02 512 27 26

From Oct 5 to Nov 25, 2006
Wednesday to Saturday from 2 to 6 pm

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