Ronald Searle

Ronald Searle


I have always been captivated by his drawings showing animals in “human” situations because this was to reveal clearly some hidden things in our society.

Some of you will remember the horse glued to the ceiling or the fox on a horse and all the huntsmen running behind.

The works contain some lovely pictures of birds in love or pastries in a funny shop window.

The life of Ronald Searle was not quiet at all… From the moment he was born in Cambridge (1920) till the moment he settled in Provence (F) in 1977 there were lots of events in the world, first of them being a terribly long war during qhich he was a prisoner in the Japanese camp where te men were worked on the famous bridge of the river Kwai.

He encountered a first success at the age of 14 and created then the famous series of the firls of St Trinian boarding school. The cartoon had a tremendous success in England and later on in the States.

This will conclude by a full reporter job for Life to accompany Presidents Nixon and Kennedy in their election trips across the country.

Later on Searle worked for Unicef and cinema in well-known films and travelled a lot. Newt project was to settle in France, absolutely. As soon as he stepped on the continent, a huge exhibition at the National Library was a tremendous success ad he went on and on.

His visit to the Sablon is something exceptional. Visitors will (re) discover the various faces of his creation and appreciate any bit of a cartoon full of humour and tenderness
(© Luc Schrobiltgen)


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From 2 to 25 nov 2006
Thuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 12:30 and from 14:30 to 6:30 pm
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