Vasso Tseka

Vasso Tseka


She decided to show the various techniques she uses: pastel, pencil or pigments, all of them are in there to carry out the pictures she wants to show.

One can discover gardens, no strict ones but bits of a natural disorder, spaces that invite you to the discovery what seems to be another continent.

Some skies are just there to organise the succession of seasons.
Each and every picture is an invitation to the celebration of nature where time and exact places are never mentioned.

Hugo Brutin wrote about a luminous saga including some mystery.

Bo mention here of difficult situations with wounded humans or tragic situations; Vasso Tseka is permanently in touch with the angels.

She lives in another world, in a country open to poetry and poets and to people who still have a large capacity of mind's eye.

The technical means are of high quality but never destroy the emotion and between oil-pastel on cardboard and ink on paper, the visitor has always the same impression, the impression of a long trip through the fantasy world.

There is still between man and infinity, the presence of a sky full of angels. They are the messengers painters often described at the right moment between night and days, the “ora degli angeli” of the Italian painters.

For Vasso Tseka these messengers are just on the border between this material world and the sky. The earth is not often present in the pictures, the sky, on the contrary is present and it is a quiet or a thunderstorm one but anyway there it is.

The whole creation of Vasso Tseka shows a permanent interrogation about the destiny of man and the perfect harmony between him and the nature around.


Galerie Detour,
avenue Jean Materne 166,
4100 Jambes
phone 081 246443

From Oct 24 to Nov 26, 2006
Tuesday to Friday from 12 to 5:30pm- Saturday from 2 to 6pm

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