Yasemin Senel

Yasemin Senel


She was born in Turkey but studied in Liège and encountering the abundance of the painting in the North, she did it properly but had to find her own way.

She succeeded and was awarded more times.
Once she entered the world of exhibitions she revealed a rather personal line with a lot of pictures rushing in her canvas realised in oil painting or mixed media.

The figurative line is close to the abstract one in her works because there is no border between reality and dream in what she is concerned and the classification has no sense to her.

There are more animals or exactly their symbolic presentation tied up with the past, they are close to human beings coming out of the background of the canvas and sometimes a deeper vision of a landscape or some scenery. It is like looking at two cinema films at the same time.

Influenced by the overflow of pictures, she catches some and organises them in a personal order, just like a personal diary, enhanced by colours to underline happy or sad moments of her life.

There are more portraits facing the visitor, is the person painted there to show us the way to the future ? Everyone has its own answer to his secret.


Galerie D’Ys,
rue de l’Arbre Bénit, 84,
1050 Brussels
phone 02 511 95 11

From Oct 23 to Nov 19,2006
Thursday to Saturday from 2 to 6 pm
Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm.

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