Guy Brauns

Guy Brauns

#54 - 120_120 bis a

Graphic artist, photographer, involved in industrial decoration, Guy Brauns has known all the tendencies of image development along the years.

He has worked in advertising agencies as well as in the advertisers sphere in doing so he was In permanent contact with the model girls and created for them the necessary contact documents in one word: their presentation book. He knows everything about the representation of a human body, its possible alteration through sketch or photography and developed for years a personal vision of the attitude.

After his studies about decoration and advertising at Saint-Luc (Brussels) he followed the courses of Paul Delvaux at the renowned school of La Cambre.

Maybe Delvaux had some influence in his technical choices, never in the line he wanted to follow.Always in search of another line to create, he explored more and more technical means before starting the exhibitions of his paintings along the rails. He was on display in many places in Belgium and was led to try the conquest of the Sates.

From a starting point of photography, Guy Brauns acts like a magician, changing slight things people do not realise immediately what they are.

He uses all the various possibilities of numerical system and subtle colour or pigments touches to underline draped cloths.

Unveiled or veiled, the ladies in Guy Brauns creations just appear like inaccessible stars or dreamlike women in some gynaecium. The exhibition resumes in a hymn to the beauty. It is never sexually aggressive as it is made of pure poetry.


Galerie Dautcourt,
rue des Minimes 38,
1000 Brussels

From Jan 5 to Feb 7, 2007
Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm
Sunday from 11am to 3 pm

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