Vincent Vallois

Vincent Vallois

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It is a true festival to start the New Year; it is a celebration of painting with the full colourcanvases of Vincent Vallois.

Born in Lille (F) in 1959, he followed the courses of the High School of plastic expression in Tourcoing and added some years at the University in Lille III (plastic arts section) and as a cherry on the top he studied in Art Decoration High School in Paris.

As from 1986, he was present along the rails in Lille and Valenciennes (that means the North) but was soon in some other places in France.

A result of all his studying is to be found in drawings. Sharp and spontaneous drawings those look so easy because they result from an acute practice. But the top quality of the artist is, for me, how he investigates into colours, having them emotionally present. That results from his search of the right hue or shade to be put in the right place.

With material he sometimes collects on the spot (like the reds of Campania) with his own rhythmic, his own personal sense of music, his canvases appear like the traditional Flemish painting with a colour range totally dominating.

Are these landscapes ? Yes but not the normal ones, landscapes close to a fantasy world, a country out of imagination between serenity and violence. One cannot go quickly trough this exhibition, the visitor has to penetrate the world of Vincent Vallois, a world full of light and colour.


Galerie ABC,
Rue Lebeau 53,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 511 32 53

From Jan 10 to Feb10, 2007.
Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 12:30am and from 2:30 to 6:30 pm

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