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He was born in Spain in 1970 but he presently lives in Annecy (France) but for him the place he lives has no importance at all because all what he created is totally worldwide.

His environment, his pictorial expression, everything is around and about one only subject : the man.

For him the man is a landscape; he is playing the first part in the human drama but he does not give any face to his human beings.

They all are unknown; they have no personal distinction from each other.

The way Miralles works makes me think about Mikulas Rachlik around 1980 before he changed into Italian romantic tendency because his Prague period was over.

Less tragic than Rachlik was, Miralles paints the no future of humanity and especially the solitude of man in the present world. He follows a sentence of Breton (the master of surrealism) saying, “You are covered with the man traces”. He situates his human figures in an unknown space with a lot of blind testimonies as no one has eyes to look at reality.

I thing it is not so far from Bacon’s influence
It is the main reason why you cannot miss this first show in Belgium. More that that you must note down and keep in mind the name of Christophe Miralles.


Galerie Libre Cours,
rue de Stassart 100,
1050 Brussels
phone 0473 590 285

From 1st to 24 March 2007
Thursday to Saturday from 2:30 to 6:30 pm

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