Kengen 02

He stepped into the world of galleries and exhibitions just claiming he was a self-made artist. He just wanted to be there and inform visitors and art lovers he was what he was.

The figures in his paintings were built as statues, including the small ones and the light shades in the background suggested a large horizon line.

Late Paul Caso (an important critic at the time) underlined the force of these figures saying they were like a charm cavalcade. There is something in the line of the theatre of de Ghelderode in the paintings of that time.

The palette became slowly sweeter but the various figures are still passing by like a procession progressing along the days.

The background is more discreet now and leaves the figures alone just to help the man to better react. The man line in his creation is a permanent interrogation about the world in general and particularly his own. Is it the reason why he exhibited in so many galleries ?

From Brussels to Knokke and from the Sablon area to the present place, Eric Kengen (° 1952) tried to meet more and more different persons just to prove he wants to stay and to be.He shows a constant fidelity to the human representation with figures that are totally his and could be from here and from nowhere.

Drawings and paintings seem to explain the complete moving of our society, looking for some more space in a wide space without any reference to the past something telling us to be careful when face to face with some permanent technical changes like a desire to bring back the man to a simple and more friendly society.


Galerie d’Ys,
rue de l’Arbre Bénit 84,
1050 Brussels
phone 02 511 95 11

From March 1st to April 1st, 2007
Thursday to Saturday from 2 to 6pm
Sunday from 11am to 3 pm.

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