P88-Grand paysage dans..

He was born in Sete (Var-F) in 1959 and decided around 1980 to explore the world and the world of paintings and painters.

At the beginning they were four, all totally involved in high colour painting and are still painters to day but individually.

Hervé di Rosa lived in more places around the world from Cuba to Vietnam and exhibited his works everywhere when passing by.In the year 2000 and under the impulse of Herve di Rosa, the International museum of modest art opened in Sete.

This should haves been in our country as I remember the Jam fabric near our home. Jam was sold in ceramic bowls and the broken one was left for who wanted to take them. Most of kitchen in the area between Soignies and Enghien had the walls basement tiled with these bits of ceramic.

Architects nowadays called them “casson”, what mean “breakage and sell them at high price.But Hervé di Rosa travelled around and in each country stopped to learn and understand the local ways of art, the popular one, and the art that is a testimony.At le Botaniqe he presents his own Africa.

These are no official countries made in some foreign office but regions corresponding to ethnic groups with their traditions and uses, clearly said the true origins of their wisdom and knowledge.

The artist show their villages closed in a kind of big bowl under control of “white people” or represent the fantasy beast people imagine near the village at night. Hervé di Rosa studied and used of techniques coming directly from the craftsmen and that covers painting under glass as well as making a kind of net with various fibres, bronze sculpture or woodcarving.

Some precious pieces coming out the famous Museum of Africa (in Tervuren-Brussels) are also included in the exhibition.

An exhibition containing rare pieces but also a treasure of social science. It is an exceptional exhibition your have to see immediately !


Le Botanique,
rue Royale 236,
1210 Brussels

From Feb 15 to April 8, 2007
Tuesday to Sunday from 11 to 6 pm.

There is also an exhibition presented by L’Art en Marge (outsiders’ art)
as well as ateliers you have to discover, absolutely.

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