Trois faces pour un souvenir (120x80 cm)

Succeeding to the Japanese inspiration of Corine Lescop, the gallery presents a three faces exhibition. First of all is the come back of John Gascot an American citizen who had a tremendous success when he came first.
Next to him we can see Frederic Halbreich (° 1962) and Veronique Sabban (Nice ° 1967).

Frederic Halbreich is a painter and a musician who initiated a true investigation into the depth of the colour surface and this in a special technique: lacquer ware applied to normal canvas sizes.

This technique coming from Oriental art is something rather difficult and you need to be quiet and patient to obtain some result. To better know the techniques, the artist went to Russia and a long time practice now produces the best results. His pieces are rather precious, full of a particular sensibility and you have to touch them to realize the smooth aspect is really full of some underground signification.

The third artist is Veronique Sabban (see the photo); we have seen very often but she was a bit silent since 2005. Her CV contains a large selection of exhibitions in the best galleries as well as some awards and the art lover will recognise at first sight the faces she always paints in an expressionist manner; brushing the portraits, more subjective than realistic. She concentrates all the difficulties of this century in the presentation of the models.

There is more sensibility in the portraits of musicians that sometimes seem a bit more romantic.

They seem to bring a little smile in the present way of life. In this time we can consider without any true joy and with a deep sorrow background and she paints all that in the deepness of colours, including in the brightest ones. This will be a come back for her and for art lovers a moment to appreciate.


Rollebeek gallery,
rue de Rollebeek 28,
1000 Brussels

From March 17 to April 13, 2007

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