Charpentier 02

He slowly became one of our familiars because he often comes back to the same gallery in the Sablon since 1995.

At the start of his career he was a jazz drummer and the rhythm of his pictures was tied up with this music and there was something related to anxiety in the whole.

Time passing by things became more easy and the colour helped to create something smoother and if not sweeter, at least more friendly.

Philippe Charpentier (° 1949) is now at the top of his career and able to realise all what he wants by giving the colour the first role in his work. In the most recent acrylic paintings on canvas, the visitor will notice a kind of return to the celebration of nature.

The music is still haunting the canvas but like a celebration of life like the summer wind on a flower garden.

These flowers are not to be classified among the top models in social gatherings, they still have a touch of free garden, they just came out from a free space and just offer the best of a top view on a garden.It is a must to see the new flower vision of Charpentier just when Spring is coming.


Galerie Synthèse,
rue Ernest Allard 24,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 514 40 55

From 3/3 to 7/4/2007
Thursday to Saturday from 2:30 to 6:30 pm

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