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The names of the streets in the city generally come from historical or political sphere, sometimes from scientific world but rarely the streets are dedicated to artists and above all to contemporary ones.

In the commune of Auderghem it is quite different.
Ginette Javaux was born in 1915 and died in Methamis (Vaucluse-F) in 2005 but she spent most of her life in her house in Auderghem as well as in her atelier in the same area : exactly at Rouge-Cloître, an historical place full or records from painters who lived there.

She used to paint around the Abbey and wore people still remember Ginette painting in the open air near the ponds.

Landscapes, portraits, still lives, she was familiar with these three lines with the same energy and the same sense of colour and light.

She expressed strongly in the realism wrote late Jean Pigeon about portraits.
Some art critics spoke about her particular vision (a monumental one said Paul Caso) and Alain Viray he considered she was one of the most representative artist in the realistic way.

In her 2000 exhibition paintings from Rouge Cloître were along the rails as well as the latest ones from Methamis in France, all these canvas were of the same strong and manly touch.

She learned in the Royal Art School of Brussels where she was a pupil of Léon Devos and she was awarded by various prizes. Later on shed received the Prix Lebon of Auderghem in 1956 and 1967 and became in 1974 the Ambassador of her commune at the twinning between Auderghem and Golfe-Juan-Vallauris.

It was really easy to show her recent works together with ancient ones because the way of painting never changed. In the landscapes as well as in the still lives or the portraits there was only one aspect, one personal way of painting. Let us say that still lives is not exactly correct for her as these canvas are really living in the light.

Auderghem created a Ginette Javaux street but the building of the street is not over and in the meantime, just waiting for the official opening, the gallery presents an homage you have to see, absolutely !


Galerie Albert Ier,
rue de la Madeleine 45,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 512 19 44

Tuesday to Saturday from 1 to 7 pm
Sunday from 11 am to 1 pm.

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