For the first time in Brussels, Christa Murken (born1944 in the Baden-Württenberg) presents paintings in the figurative line each of them related to the daily life and events in a serene and sweetly emotional atmosphere.

After high schools around Köln, including art history, her favourite subject, she also studied archaeology and psychology. She then wrote for papers and worked as an independent in the sphere of the top collections as those of Düsseldorf and around various exhibitions. In her life, just like in her paintings she never tried to make noise and re-create the art history.

Married and a mother she established in the area of Köln and still is working over there. Her sensibility is close to the main line of painters from South Germany to North Italy; all of them being concerned by life more than by philosophy around art. She seems to be devoted to the sun and at the same time, she considers the human body (and especially the nude) as part of the nature, being at its best in full nature, with trees and large spaces in the country side.

The picture to compare with Tuscany in her sweet way to tell us the story of high pine trees and more southern situation with fig trees.

Some of the human beings she represents are playing games in gardens and forests and this looks like a pleasant stay in summer. From any point of view, serenity is the main fact the visitor will notice immediately; the second point being light all over the pictures, no flash light but something invading the whole surface of the canvas in the deepness of oil colour.The only message Christa Murken wants to transmit is a peaceful one for now and to-morrow She is telling it with a low voice but with a lot of determination. This is just a life celebration.


La Petite Galerie,
rue de Livourne 1a,
1060 Brussels
phone 02 537 67 50

From May 3 to June 3, 2007
Tuesday to Saturday from 2:30 to 6:30
Sunday from 11am to 1pm

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