Jean-Jacques Gailliard, Ensor and the city of Ostend

Jean-Jacques Gailliard, Ensor and the city of Ostend

Gailliard JJ

On November 21, 1975, J.J.Gailliard was invited in the Gallery “La Rose Traversée” to celebrate the issue of “Haute Trahison”, it was his last birthday. This book was a resume of Gailliard’s texts collected and presented by Jo Verbrugghen. The various sentences were a clear demonstration that the painter was a writer at the same time and in both options, a bit bitter.

The painting of Gailliard were often exhibited because representing old and now disappeared houses in Brussels, but the painter was also a regular visitor of the city of Ostend. He regularly paid a visit to the painter James Ensor with whom he had a good and friendly relationship. Records demonstrate Ensor was not exactly the old painter, living alone and seeing nobody. An example is the row Gailliard organised in 1922 and in which in includes Permeke and writer Michel de Ghelderode. The House of Ensor on 27, rue de Flandre has not always been a sort of close museum. Ensor had true sympathy for young Gailliard (at the time) and the young painter painted te portrait of Ensor near the sea or at home.

There are also some views of Ostend in which Gailliard shows full of energy like in the view of the café Le Falstaff or the portrait of opera Italian singer La Patti situated on the way along the sea in front of the Casino. But if Gailliard was such a friend of the Baron Ensor it is because his father, the painter Franz Gailliard, was at school with Ensor at the Royal Art School of Brussels.

This is why you may not miss this exhibition full of records tied up with our art history. It contains lot of details not to forget when speaking about the two painters. To visit at the soonest.


Group 2 gallery,
rue Blanche 8,
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From may 11 to June 30, 2007
Wednesday to Saturday from 2 to 6 pm.

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