4 GEERS- Scorched Earth

He was born in South Africa in 1967 right in the middle of a country in full race fight and troubles and everybody knows it was often a terrible street fight. This part of his life will be in him forever because he was such a too white child from Afrikaners parents.

Being a rebel, he was put in prison; he left the country to New York. He was for a time the assistant of Richard Prince in this city. He was back to South Africa in 1990 but soon left definitively to live in Brussels but the past is written into him and he will never get free of it.

He considers the place or the city where he exhibits as part of the general line of his making. He investigated about the origins of the city of Charleroi, built by and for the glory of Charles II of Spain (1666) and where this king organised a big fire called autodafe, for the bad book (!!), second point was the presence of two anarchists from the gang of Bonnot (F) ad more recently to the industrial story of the city all built around steel and glass. If you add all the recent events of violence in the city you will obtain a terrible conclusion.

The whole installation is telling us a dramatic story. It is full of shocking video-films, pictures showing criminal attitudes, scene of murders or a car burning, it is sex and violence at any point.
There is also a record of the CCC and a message from the artist telling he is a true bomb planter ad writes that in Africa the avant-garde top artists are city warriors, guerillerons, who fight for our liberty. This is why his conclusion is valid worldwide and timeless: aluta continua !


at BPS ,
site de l’Université du Travail,
Bd Solvay 22
6000 Charleroi

From March 17 to June 3, 2007
from Wednesday to Sunday from noon t 6 pm

a co-production with the SMAK Museum Ghent
where a second part of the exhibition is to be seen (April 21 and August 28)

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