Pierre Duclou is back on the Sablon

Pierre Duclou is back on the Sablon

Duclou 01

He becomes familiar to us because he is now coming regularly and it is always a nice moment to see pieces he recently made. Born in 1957, Pierre Duclou lives in Dugny, near Paris where he regularly paints on paper as well as on canvas and also teaches painting and engraving to adults and children and this is not the easiest way he has chosen.

Since the time he came in 2004, he highlighted the colours, the hues are stronger but his personal vision of the world geography is still full of poetry with a touch of fantasy. He is sometimes using free canvas which is rarely done here in Brussels and this is bringing more mystery in his interpretation of lakes and landscapes with rivers coming from nowhere In the pastel you will discover thunderstorms but no big ones, just a bit of a tempest but lot of other landscapes are full of serenity.

In this world born from imagination, some glaciers seem to be floating on an unknown arctic sea and when discovering this, the visitor will find back all the imagination resources and all the treasures of poetry which is rare and nearly out of .today’s lifestyle. This exhibition is an important personal approach to abstract art and demonstrates that the work of Pierre Duclou on canvas or on paper as well is something floating in the air like a melody that came and is gone with the wind just leaving behind a personal interpretation of landscape by an artist involved in common life and a true hymn to our old planet.


Galerie Synthèse,
rue Ernest Allard 24,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 514 40 55

From April 26 to May 26, 2007
Thursday to Saturday from 2:30 to 6:30 pm
except on May 17.

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