See Pierrick Allemand in May

See Pierrick Allemand in May

le champs des libellules  116X89 cm

When you have the main lines: .studies in Montpellier, Toulouse and Barcelona, you immediately realise the artist is no Northern expressionist painter. But take care, he is no Latin lover style just painting for a cosy sitting room.

Pierrick Allemand specialised in the fresco technique and this difficult technique is generally used on large walls. At the High Art School of Barcelona, he painted a 6m x 3,40m surface but if the fresco in Café Saint-Germain (in Paris naturally) is smaller but the people passing by are numerous and from everywhere worldwide. So the painter is taking place on the walls.

For him, the most important point is life, ordinary events and happenings with ordinary facts like a girl passing by on a Vespa motorbike; a theatre actress in the play set, all the pictures presenting same vibrations, the one we generally find in life. He is very often close to strips or animated cartoons and in general with a rather personal feeling of the feminine sensibility.

He exhibited since 1998 and follows the general movement and evolution of art-shows so his exhibitions in New York go from Soho to Chelsea depending on the best place or what is to be considered so at the moment but one can say this way of painting is from everywhere and strongly tied up with our century. Some of the markets remember the old Palermo market painted by Guttuso in 1974. Art is full of correspondences through time and space. Guttoso was particularly fond of girls and ladies; Pierrick Allemand shows a world moving into growing feminine sphere of influence.

You have to consider his painting out of daily life and totally actual at the same time, he can express violence in light and joyful colour or in a sunny and pleasant atmosphere. He is from here and everywhere, absolutely.


Rollebeek Gallery,
rue de Rollebeek 28,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 512 20 22

FROM May 8 to June 3, 2007
Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 7 pm
except on Saturday from 1pm to 7 pm.

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