Stéphane de France at de Buci Gallery

Stéphane de France at de Buci Gallery

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Born in Paris in 1963, he travelled a lot with his father when he was a little boy, he discovered hotels and luxury shops everywhere including in airports and other places where wealthy people are regularly buying. On this base he decided to create objects related to elegance and decoration. He worked on original pieces in a strictly limited edition and took place in some renowned restaurants where customers largely admired them.

But he realised soon this was no major line for creation. He then turned to the theatre and when doing that looked more intensively at people around. He then started to sculpt and was immediately taken into consideration by art lovers. He exhibited in small galleries and is now going to Paris for a larger show at de Buci gallery.

You can feel the general rhythm at first sight because some of the sculptures are just like snap shots just at the moment the subject is supposed to move, dance or react in front of some situation. He is working with bronze not in compact forms of metal but it looks like if the piece of sculpture should be on the way to realisation. The subject (generally a human being) is represented with some space in and around like something in full evolution. The general form is subtle and changes as per the different points of view. Between motion and emotion, the sculptures of Stephane de France are exactly like a breath of life.


Galerie de Buci,
73 rue de Seine,
F 75006 Paris

From April 23 to May 31, 2007
Tuesday to Saturday from noon to 1 pm and from 2 to 8pm.

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