Salmon-Duval - Joyeux anniversaire 2

"Joyeux anniversaire", un tableau de Salmon-Duval

In the years 1970 to 1974 a large and important show was organised in Evere by J.-P. Flament and myself, it was called Actual Arts Seminar. It was built on realistic painting, sometimes with a dark vision of the world. Time elapsed and everything is now different and you have now to smile to survive, absolutely.

This s the reason why the Commune of Evere (which is included in Brussels area) immediately accepted the project submitted by Agnes Bogaert (who have taken her idea from France) to invite naïve painters and believers in naïve art. It is not easy to imagine the future in pink colour nowadays but they are more than 50 coming from all over Europe to exhibit on the various points of the festival. The question is: is it popular art or art for those who are not able to read? Please do not mix up with the famous Bauernmalerei a common practice among farmers painting their furniture (originating from central Europe).

Mayor Vervoort, Culture deputy mayor Pierre Muylle, the Culture Centre of Evere under leadership of Mrs Danis (who organise an exhibition of fairy tales books illustrated by naïve painters), everybody is involved in the project including Catherine Schmidt, Art Director of the Museum of Spontaneous Art situated in Schaerbeek.

Seutin 2

un tableau de Philippe Seutin

Artists from eight countries take part in the Festival with full of fantasy and dreams and also critics about our society, soft critics but… Among the ones we all know in Belgium there are JP Lorand, Ph Seutin, Monique Schaar, Nadia Becker, Josette Loffet but also Nicole Meunier and Tamara Diatchenko we do not show up often and do not forget Agnès Bogaert.


The festival (exhibitions, concert, activities), takes place
at the Town Hall,
square Hoedemaekers
the Cultural centre
at 45, rue de Paris,
L’Espace Toots
at 125, rue Stuckens
and the Cour Royale,
at 2, rue Stuckens
information at the Town hall of Evere 02 247 63 77

from July 14 to August 12, 2007
Wednesday to Sunday from 2 to 6pm.

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