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The sculptors have always the same space problem; sometimes it is large enough, sometimes too straight. The main point as regards Alexander Ketele is that he considers space as it is and takes it by force that is why his works seem to be the largest ones including when they are rather modest. When looking at his sculpture you immediately realise he has a clear vision of the space he wants to investigate, it seems a sculpture do exist in his head in he can also visualise it before it exists. Perhaps he is able to “see” infull dimensions and colour.

Born in Etterbeek in 1954 he started in the artistic branch at secondary school in 1973 and was graduated Master in sculpture in the famous St Lukas school in 1998 but in the meantime he never stopped studying. He followed courses for glass use at the Summer University of Sars Poteries in France, first class for glass practice. This means it is a long way to reach the master’s level in an artistic discipline and this is to meditate by those who think they know everything from birth.

Using of metal and glass in total harmony, his sculptures are risky ones but have great stability and deliver full message of the sensibility and sensitivity of each material and behind this lays a true investigation a philosophic line based on serenity.

At the same time, Alexqander Ketele started to teach, first in Liedekerke an Art School founded in 1974 by Willy Ronsmans and from 1980 in Anderlecht where hr is still in charge today. He was awarded more times namely in the Vermeylen Prize (which is more important people generally think) and received the King Baudouin Foundation Prize in 1989.

The list of his exhibitions includes a large zone around Brussels but not so many ones in the centre of the city.

He also shown up in Washington, Dallas and Alabama or in Japan namely in Yokohama (Museum of Modern Art) and Kyoto but also in Knokke (Argo) and now in the right centre of Brussels. This is an exhibition to visit, absolutely.


Galerie 2016,
rue des Pierres 16,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 502 81 16

From June 7 to July 14, 2007
Thursday to Sunday from 1 to 6:30 pm.

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