Bang Hai-Ja 686l

She was born in South Korea in 1987 and never stopped training. First of all she was in Seoul, then in Paris (fresco and monumental art) in the National Art School and finally in the famous Atelier 17 of S.W. Hayter for engraving. Anyway we had to wait until last year to discover her talent.

When stepping into the exhibition it seems you are kept inside a large blue ray. The blue is difficult to describe and more to define it is something that contains the colour and at the same time generates the light. Various critics spoke about something like a large breath of light (Pierre Cabanne in 2004) but sensation of the unknown world is further on in the pictures.Pigments on Korean paper result in a marriage between the natural pigments and the hand made paper with the influence of men who worked to make it. It is somewhere a double-originated work

Besides to colour and light the surface of the works reveals a precise and delicate sequence of pleats in the paper something that helps the visitor to find the ways to escape from the common life and to find a more spiritual way of thinking and living in a more serene world.Iridescent pastels are present in the background together with the natural pigments and sometimes a sign is to be discovered that is there to evoke another way of writing, another civilisation we do not totally understand but perceive as another kind of expression, another sign of hope.

The artist says she would like to launch more light on sky and earth and she apparently realised it totally.


J. Bastien Art,
rue de la Madeleine 61,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 513 28 69

From June 7 to Sept 9, 2007
Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 6:30 pm
Sunday from 11am to 1pm
Closed on holidays.

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