COLUMBANO, a Portuguese realistic painter

COLUMBANO, a Portuguese realistic painter

Columbano 01

"Retrato de Ramalho Oritigão" (1880)
Collection privée

At the right moment Portugal is becoming President of the European Union, the prestigious City Hall of Brussels show a painter who between 1998 and 1300 was the leader of a king of pictorial revolution in the art of his country and has been quite ignored or worse.

Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro was born in 1857, he signed his last self portrait in 1904 bit in the meantime he made a true revolution in the art of painting. He studied locally he knew perfectly which painting was at the top in Paris he new it by various reading and communication with other painters because transmitting picture was still full fiction at the time and photography was still just a promise. Despite the numerous barriers between him and his dream he finally went to Paris in 1881. He entered the atelier of Carolus-Duran but did not remain there for a long time, long enough to meet John Singer-Sargent who had a large influence on him.

Columbano 05

"No meu atelier" (1884)
Museu de Grão Vasco, Viseu

His works considered as too modern y art-critics in Portugal already include colour spos and lights like. When he came back ti Portugal; he met the Lion’s Group a bncj of painters who believed in open air work and he will turn definitely to the portrait in
You will notice in this exhibition the influence of Manet and his light rays but also a bit of Toulouse-Lautrec and, personally, I noticed tome traces from Rops in subjects like “the evening”.

Presented by Pedro Lapa, Manager of the Chiado Museum (Contemporary Museum of Art); this unknown part of Portuguese painting from 1880 to 1900 is still to be discovered.
© Instituto dos Museums e da Conservaçâo, Lisboa


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