Winance 02

We are now far from the artist who offered deep blue subjects with fruits and vases and something like hospitality in a warm interior. Alain Winance (Tournai 1946) goes to the infinity, the sea largely open on the horizon on a coast he likes. This is a bit of coast without any tourist accommodation but a place where you just find an artist staying in front of his easel and in front of the waves.

He likes these places at the top end of a continent where the ground and the sea are only one with a light between sky and water. When he is back in the atelier, Alain Winance re-works his canvas to catch the exact image of the seascape, or landscape, at the right moment the wind is growing. The work to complete the canvas in the atelier results in something looking like a snapshot with a special view on a large line of horizon and in the middle of the flat end of the water, some wooden pillars put by men and some wounds in the sand done by the bad syzygia tides. Anyway, the canvas still remains the song of a poet celebrating the light and who discovers along the coast the tracks left by the years passing, the poetry the waves carry on since the oldest times.

There is just one pebble and it stops the water in its rush and organise a false stair case leading to where ?

After teaching the art of engraving for years, Alain Winance is back to painting and lives this return like a new life start, a promise of total renewal.


Galerie 2016,
rue des Pierres 16,
1000 Brussels
tel 02 502 81 16

From Sep 13 to Oct 20, 2007
Thursday to Sunday from 1 to 6:30pm

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