FRAGIL by Anne-Marie Finné and Ronald Ceuppens

FRAGIL by Anne-Marie Finné and Ronald Ceuppens

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Ronald Ceuppens was born in Mechelen in 1970 and lives in a farmhouse in Zemst, far from the places to be. He likes to meditate about things and life in general and if he is going out of his atelier it is to walk across the country and there he noted down any point or trace left by life that can be useful in his aesthetical research.

These bits and pieces are the base on which he will build engravings, unique pieces in one copy only representing his own way in art and life. Ceuppens is full of wisdom and the galleries and art lovers already noticed his message and they consider him as a rare artist you do not encounter along many exhibition rails. He obtained a special mention in the Prize Maurits Naessens 2000 and was more times awarded; you cannot or better may not miss an artist with such references.


Next to him, you will find back Anne-Marie Finné (1962). She is a former pupil of Delahaut at La Cambre and Maurice Pasternak and Ann Dykmans at Ixelles Art School/ She is now a teacher in the children atelier and drawing courses section at the Art School of Molenbeek but is going on at the same time to develop her own aesthetical research and was more times awarded and not in the low category.

Using pastel with a particular talent, she likes to catch quick impressions, images that go and disappear but never totally and still live in the memory I said, long time ago, she was able to catch the shadow of a shadow but isn’t it one of the biggest impressions in life? The most ordinary things become some universal event in the works of Anne-Marie Finné, a true key to eternity.

This if really a first class exhibition.


at Galerie Libre Cours,
rue de Stassart 100,
1050 Brussels

From Sep 7 to Oct 6,2007
from Thursday to Saturday from 2:30 to 6:30pm

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