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At the time the craftsmen association was rich, he exhibited many times with the section from Brabant. He has a special talent for tapestry sketches but his drawings were not always welcome in the still old fashioned workshops because he included too many modern subject such as motorbikes, transistor radio devices and all these things were not at all appreciated. He then stopped and just exhibited gouaches and paintings in the late Escalier Gallery, just one shot than came a completely still period.

Born in the very heart of Brussels in 1940, he never lost is youth dreams and aspirations and he is back now with a magic land story in the pocket. Charmer en enchanter at the same time he offers a true fairy tale including a touch of sensuality on a musical background. One can discover birds and fishes, sea horses and beautiful princesses living far away. Far from the noise of ordinary life, his kingdom opens to children, poets and dreamers of all kinds for whom the magical world still exist at the exact time the “normal” world is exploding.

He studied in Saint-Josse (Brussels) with Jacques Maes, a noticeable colourist and José Crunelle a master in design for tapestry. It was at the time technical knowledge was still important!

With his physical appearance of a true Minnesanger, Lucien Meert still evokes the German romantic period. He is close to the tendency with a bit of irony from time to time just to remember he is a true “ketje” from Brussels.

You must absolutely visit his secret garden.


La Petite Galerie,
rue de Livourne 1a,
1060 Brussels
phone 02 537 97 50

from Sep 6 to 30, 2007
Tuesday to Saturday from 2:30 to 6:30 pm
Sunday from 11am to 1pm

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