4.Tissé de signes 65X80 a

She is familiar to the art lovers since 1978 and one can say she never change direction is her artistic quest. All what is left by our consumerist habits is important for her like data listings or rags the worker uses in your garage, everything is important for her to study the evolution of habits and re-write the evolution of the centuries like a long poem.

Born in 1944, she became a teacher after important years in art schools and never stopped considering the move of life in general. From medical X ray shots to slices of plasterstone passing by mix media and all objects related to our life, with a bit of everything she evokes art coming out generously (art with nearly nothing is also called “arte povera”). She realised in doing this many a landscape of better she suggests a landscape coming out of some spots and lines out of the layers of the memory; like a view of the layers you see when you cut deep in the ground.

History is back with some marks left by daily use of a wooden table or any other surface and these marks resulting from the use of a knife or any other object are like messages coming from the olden days; like palimpsests still alive in the middle of the space conquest century. These marks are just like wrinkle on a face, definitely installed. The way she expresses her work into the deepness of the material in light and soft hues means a lot in the notion of time it contains.Next to these works she adds wheels (here in terracota) with a hole in the middle, looking like the mysterious wheel one can find into the ground in Cumbria, the more Celtic part of the UK.

The sky can be very dark, the country really tired of the weight of all generations that lived on, and Michèle Delorme goes on exploring all the marks left by the time to live our history again.

This exhibition is also an exploration!


Galerie ABC,
rue Lebeau 53,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 511 52 53

From Sep 11 to Oct 17 2007
Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 12:30am
and from 2:30 to 6:30 pm

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