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She exhibited in late Haumont gallery in Brussels and in 1990 and I liked the way she used to tell a long story in one normal canvas. Every canvas was a cheerful invitation to travel with her. She did not change and she is still close to the famous never ending story in full colours. This started as from her studies at the famous La Cambre School, then working on the sets for theatre and cinema.She never hesitated to go from one side of the country to another one from Liège and Tournai, stepping a bit later to Sidney or Brisbane in Australia, coming back to Kruishoutem at the famous Fondation Veranneman and recently in the rather recent gallery Devillez. One can say she has a special sense to choose the points where to exhibit.

She brings now at Le Drapeau Blanc in La Louvière all the dynamic movements in her canvas and her own specific colours. It is full of joy, a world of happiness and hope to guide the visitor and help him to read each canvas as a story book full of vibrations. It is like looking at more films on the same screen, an intelligent screen that can helm the spectator in his discovery of each part of them.

Acrylic paint, collage, all the best of the famous mixed media, generally misused, is here in its best. Any picture is in the right place in the best lightened spot and underlines a fine and well known technical ability together with a rich inspiration.


Galerie du Drapeau Blanc,
rue Sylvain Guyaux 3,
7100 La Louvière

From Sep 6 to Oct 13, 2007
Wednesday to Saturday from 1:30 to 6;30pm
On Friday 21 Sep till 9pm
because of an opening at the Centre for engraving.

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