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He came last year with a travelling bag full of dreams. Self taught artist, thus very strict about himself because a danger of slippage, Sylvain Loisant (1954) is living in his century and still in another world. In his life he listened to some other artists who have authorised advices but at the same moment he studied sacred art and started to teach which is the best way to learn a lot more.

He is out of reality at any time; his own planet is in a vaporous world, a dreamland in which he includes horses, symbol of the deep movements of the unconscious world but also the portrait of a lady still in the domain between dream and full light. Many things come out a personal and vivid symbolism.

There is so many moment of tenderness in this universe that you really want to stay in, to be in this secret face of life which is often in the shadow because the bright side of life the artist is showing, he absolutely wants to reveal it to everybody.

Sylvain Loisant is sure that artists can change the world and his own planet can become reality. It is true that in the social movements, an example, the artists acted effectively and some of them generated movements with influence around them. Man is no machine says Loisant, he is not the kind of silly doll people imagine when giving him too mush consumer products for daily eating as well as political guidelines.

So Sylvain Loisant stops on the road of the century and by means of his painting, he tries to wake up humanity. He would like to remember people they have a heart and a part to play in this world to come back to non-violent times when life was running at the man rhythm.

The soft and elegant choice of his hues will tell you more than any lecture about it. You may not miss this second exhibition in Brussels.


Rollebeek Gallery,
rue de Rollebeek 18,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 512 20 22

from Sep 6 to 30, 2007
Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm
Saturday as from 1pm et 7pm

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