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Critics discussed for years about art and craft ad what was art and what was craft. I never discovered the line between the two but Louis Leloup has gone over the border for a long time. As a painter he thinks the light is at the top and the colour is there to add the final and original touch and doing so his creation become true art works.He started to work at 18 in the famous works of Val Saint Lambert where he had as chief designers Charles Graffart and René Delvenne. He became a Master in the glass creation aiming to a perfect transparency.

In 1971, he founded his own workshop but on the meantime he studied ceramic art with Laurent Larose. He was thus able to mix the two sensibilities in his own art works.

I regret sincerely we do not have in Belgium the kind of merit like “Meilleur ouvrier de France” to honour such an artist.

One of his pieces was to be found early at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and he was present in large European exhibitions. He was invited by Transparence Gallery at the Sablon, a gallery defending art glass of international status of quality in the years 1985-90 and the year went away…

Louis Leloup never stopped creating and he is well known from Paris to Tokyo and numerous objects out of his hands are decorating homes everywhere. That is the reason why you may not miss this precious exhibition at the Rollebeek. It is exactly a full light one.


Rollebeek Gallery 28,
rue de Rollebeek 28,
1000 Brussels

From Nov 8 to Dec 9, 2007
Wednesday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm
except on Friday from 1:30 to 7pm

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