Didier Mahieu

Didier Mahieu


When he exhibited in Mons in 1987, he was 25 and I wrote he was somebody not to forget in the next coming years because he was a painter to consider in the future. He never failed to his promises and it is always with the same pleasure I visit his shows and consider his works. Numerous exhibitions took place along the years and the artist is now a regular teacher in the ESAPV a High art school in Mons, still with the same quality rules.

He has always worked on the base of records, bits and pieces of the past coming up and these situations from the shadow of the memory bring emotion to the visitor. With nicely executed drawings, he offers these pieces from our past in a way anybody should be concerned, from the man from your neighbourhood to the financial specialist from the City.

With installations of rare and delicate objects besides the drawing he told us for years about a woman who disappeared during the World War II and what he told, if not exact, was terribly in the historical context. He is now telling us about two women, starting from bits of film and based on a well known song, he takes the visitor by hand and asks him to think about the life and evolution of the characters he shows.

Once again, the visitor is like a prisoner in the universe of Didier Mahieu, prisoner of his own memory and of the drawings and pictures telling a simple story in which one of the girls playing with fish bones in her diner plate is organising a still life.

The artist is going deep into the records you can have and organises a come back of Anna Spiegelman (the woman lost during last war) and the new Eva’s of the present show because there is the same wish to renew all the emotions we have forgotten. Didier Mahieu makes them come up with a lot of tenderness and poetry.


Institut Supérieur du Langage Plastique,
boulevard de Waterloo 31,
1000 Brussels

From Oct 5 to Dec 1,2007
Monday to Saturday from 11am to 5pm

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