Eliane Ypersiel is back

Eliane Ypersiel is back

E Ypersiel 03

A lot of art lovers wanted to see her back along the rails and hoped at the same time to see her come up to the abstract art. It is done now. Her sensibility to the power of light has grown up and the result is a kind of meditation including light and shadow, sky and earth. It is a true celebration of the power of the various hues; shades and colours.

The visitor who has the chance to penetrate this kind of sky exploration, in the deepness of tempered colours, never flashy, will discover another interpretation of our situation looking up at the sky that could be heaven. In a canvas, the light gives the true sensation of the black light of a thunderstorm over a plain next to the sea.

In any of the new canvas, there is a strong tendency to speak about prayer and serenity… and hope! This could be a religious celebration of the light coming from paradise but it could also be neutral for somebody else! Some colour spots appear like the photographic flash in a cliché but it is no photographer’s work but a painter one, with all the sensibility you can find in the brush sweetly passing on the canvas.

The canvas are like the pages of a book made in happiness and with the pose, and certitude, to-morrow will be another day, full of love and joy.


La Petite Galerie,
rue de Livourne 1a ,
1060 Brussels
phone 02 537 67 50

From Nov 8 to Dec 9, 2007
Tuesday to Saturday from 2:30 to 6:30 pm
Sunday from 11am to 1pm

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