Pierre Lefebvre looks around

Pierre Lefebvre looks around

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Most of the people you meet in your street are unable to remember the exact place of buildings they see every day. They just see them but never look at. Pierre Lefebvre looks at everything and notes down everything, he is very curious about all what can happen. After a sharp look at super markets, the large ad panels standing all around he noted down the kind of details that really kill the cityscape.

Canvas and ink drawings made in the same way a photograph could be are here to show a realistic point of view but with more human feeling than a snap shot.

So, he had a particular view of the bus stops with their plastic chairs, bits of dirty ground and overcrowded buildings or the bin bags showing their ordinary white envelope (when it is white).

Years ago mural and realist painters wanted to demonstrate the social facts and Deltour, Dubrunfaut, Somville or Goldmann painted images of life on the city walls. Pierre Lefebvre brings these views into your sitting room and tells you to look at situations you never noticed and you should have seen for a long time.

The movement of the “Painters witness of their century” do not exist anymore but Lefebvre could have been a famous member of their group.


Galerie du Drapeau Blanc,
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7100 La Louvière

From Oct 18 to Nov 24; 2007
Wednesday to Saturday from 1:30 to 6:30pm

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